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Andy speaks and consults regularly on topics that help counselors, educators and parents better understand the nature of gifted and talented people and their identity. The presentations can be half- or full-day workshops, evening parent talks and seminars and one-on-one consultation. Andy has presented over 300 workshops/keynotes/seminars at venues in nearly 40 states around the country.

To discuss an event for your organization, please send an e-mail or telephone my offices:

Andrew S. Mahoney & Associates

Chicago, Illinois area (Main office located in Park Ridge, Il)
Downtown Chicago (loop) consultations available upon request

350 S. Northwest Highway
Suite 300
Park Ridge, IL 60068
Phone: 312-624-9815

Presentation Topics

“The Fit” Workshop

  • Do you feel that you aren’t living up to your potential?
  • Do you lack motivation in your career?
  • Do you have a dream that you’ve given up on?
  • Do you love what you do, but you want to be better at it?
  • Do you hate what you do even though you are good at it?
  • Have you realized that you want to change careers, but don’t know how to start?
  • Do you want to have better relationships with your loved-ones?

These questions and many more like them come up when our Identity is not aligned with our gifts and our purpose. Identity is the expression of the Self, and when we live in an Identity that does not fit with our unique constellation of gifts, attributes, intent and purpose (i.e. potential), we create a sense of discomfort or disturbance in our lives.

When we create an Identity that is in alignment with our unique self and with our purpose, we activate our full potential and live in fulfillment. How is such an aligned Identity created? Through understanding the Fit: the complex interplay between our unique makeup and the environmental systems (the epigenetic fields ) around us and inside of us.

The Fit workshop empowers individuals to reach activate their unique potential through consciously developing their Identity. Ninety percent or more of our behavior feelings and thoughts originate in our unconscious mind, non-declarative behavior (i.e. habits) out of our awareness. In his one-day workshop, Andy teaches how to bring our powerful unconscious identity process into consciousness. With more conscious awareness, we can appreciate our unique gifts and how they interact, or Fit, with the world around us. Conscious awareness also grants us the power of free will--changing our thoughts and actions to better support our goals and Identity achievement. Through awareness of our Fit, we align our Identity with our gifts and our purpose, which is the key to unlocking potential and finding fulfillment.

Counselor Training for the Gifted and Talented Population
This seminar recognizes this tremendous need for training counselors and mental health-related professionals for the gifted and talented population, and the provision of such services as a specialty within the mental health field. This seminar will provide the foundation and a methodology for the delivery of these services. Attendees will begin to understand the characteristics, complexities and nuances of the gifted and talented population. Emphasis will be placed on how to determine the difference between when a behavior is related to giftedness or a diagnostic issue related to a mental health concern. During this seminar, participants will be provided with a comprehensive model on how to assess and deliver relevant counseling and related services that adjust for these special needs. Upon leaving the seminar, attendees will have a more complete understanding of the identity struggles and mental health-related concerns for this population; a practical method to intervene in treatment; and an opportunity to develop a new specialty area for practice that is in high demand.

For more information on this specific workshop, click here.

Reclaiming Your Genius
Many of us have gone through the process of cutting off our talents, only to find them reappearing superficially in our lives as we become bystanders, consumers of other’s talent or just undeniably envious. Learn to rediscover those talents and cultivate your whole self. Discover the marvel of your own gifted complexity and how to express your unique identity.

To participate in a Reclaiming Your Genius workshop or to sponsor one, please contact Andrew Mahoney via email at ASMahoney@AOL.COM

The Challenge of Counseling the Gifted and Talented: A Place to Start
An overview of the population needs and characteristics; a review of the current literature and resources; a framework that helps direct the counselor's assessment, process and interventions..

The Nuances of Psychotherapy with the Gifted and Talented
An overview of the counseling and diagnostic process in working with this special population. Clinicians learn to differentiate between what is "gifted" and what is "pathology" and how the two constructs may interface. Relevant DSM-IV diagnoses, testing and assessment are discussed with relevance to this population.

Identity Formation and the Gifted:
A Model for Intervention and Development

Discussion of the 12 systems that impact the identity formation and how each of those systems interact with the construct of gifted. Through assessing the relationship between those variables, interventions are then tailored. This presentation allows participants to explore and develop clinical and educational interventions that enrich the gifted person's development.

Working with the Social-Emotional Needs of the Gifted and Talented:
Using the Gifted Identity Formation Model

Strategies and a model for counseling this unique population; a demonstration of the model designed specifically for the gifted and talented.

Addressing Underachievement
For counselors, educators, parents and direct service professionals that work closely with the gifted population, a pragmatic view and concrete methods of intervention for addressing underachievement in gifted adolescents.

The Price of Achievement
Early warning signs of underachievement and its causes; guidelines and ideas for parents and educators to alleviate the problem.

The Gifted Adult in the Workplace
Managers and human resource professionals who understand what motivates the gifted and talented people in the workplace are more likely to help them reach their potential and find their passions at work.

Unmasking the Gifted and Talented Adult
Helping adults discover how being gifted has impacted their lives. Overview of issues relevant to being gifted as an adult in areas of career, intimacy and identity. The gifted adult will be able to rediscover their gifted attributes and learn ways to foster their development. Addressing the relevance of what it means to be gifted in today's world. How the gifted person has come to use their giftedness in the adult world.

The Psychology of Elitism and the Gifted
A discussion of the origins and etiology of the label "gifted." Reveals stereotypes and misconceptions often attributed to this special population.

How Gifts Can Mask: Revealing Undiagnosed Learning Problems
Learn the early indicators and characteristics of possible learning problems that will go untreated or undiagnosed in gifted children.

The Challenge of Parenting Gifted and Talented Children
A discussion of some of the unique concerns for gifted children and their parents and a list of resources that can help. Topics: What it means to a child to be gifted; needs of gifted children in educational, social-emotional and developmental areas; a parental support system.

The Joys and Pitfalls of Raising a Prodigy
The impact on siblings, the behavior of the parents, and the emotional toll taken on the prodigy as a result of incredible talent and its realization are all examined.

Counseling the Gifted
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